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Polluted with petrol but no decontamination needed

Even if a first soil investigation finds substances in the soil related to your business activity, decontamination is not always required.

A+E Consult was asked by a petrol station operator in Veurne to carry out a periodic soil investigation. Samples were taken from the solid ground and ground water close to the pumps and the various storage tanks above and under the ground.

After analysis, pollution with mineral oil, BTEX and MTBE was found around a storage tank that had been used in the past. This tank was decommissioned by filling it with sand. The tank could not be removed because it was too close to the building.

After applying the “Methodology for determining clear indications of serious soil pollution”, it turned out that a clear indication of serious soil pollution was present. The extent, nature and cause of the pollution required further investigation in the form of a descriptive soil test.

The descriptive soil investigation provided an accurate image of the pollution by means of extra bore holes and observation pipes.

Extra analysis results led to the decision that the pollution was caused by a leak in the tank that was in use from 1958 to 1994. This meant the pollution could be considered historic.

After carrying out a thorough risk analysis investigating current and potential risks to humans and the environment, it appeared that a decontamination was not necessary.

The case was completed in the form of a report to OVAM containing both the first and second soil investigation. OVAM approved this double report.