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A+E Consult is a type II soil decontamination expert in Flanders, recognised by OVAM (the Flemish public authority for waste materials) and by the Walloon Departement of Soil and Waste. You can come to us for exploratory and descriptive soil tests, soil decontamination projects and monitoring of soil decontamination.

We also create technical reports and offer expert advice on ongoing projects and/or decontamination works, requests for innocent owner status and soil certificates. You can also rely on us as technical advisors in legal cases.

With extensive knowledge of its subject and more than 20 years’ experience, the A+E Consult team guarantees a high-quality, punctual and cost-conscious fulfilment of your research and/or project needs.

A+E Consult has obtained  ISO9001 certification in October 2013. This certificate guarantees that the services of A+E Consult meet the demands of customers as well as those of the laws and regulations. Furthermore, A+E Consult is committed to increasing customer satisfaction with this certificate.

A+E Consult has also obtained VEB certification, meaning that A+E Consult meets the standards of the Flemish Association of Soil Experts, and specifically those for recognised soil decontamination experts. A+E Consult has been a member of the non-profit organisation VEB since November 2013.


Why choose A+E Consult?

  • -    extensive expertise and experience;
  • -    fast, prompt and meticulous implementation of your project;
  • -    flexible team with a fixed contact person;
  • -    good communication and technical material in comprehensible language;
  • -    customer oriented, cost-conscious methods;

Questions about your land?

Do you have specific questions about the state of the soil on your land? Or would you like information about various decontamination possibilities and their cost price?

Don’t hesitate to call us on +32 56 42 48 41 or contact us by mail for a visit to your land without commitment or a meeting at our offices.

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